One for Sunburns- Sunburn Relief

The sun just gets stronger and your burns just get hotter!

Now there’s One for sunburn relief and treatment.


There seems to be no way to avoid the harmful rays of the sun these days. We try sunscreens, hats, umbrellas and shade but most of the time we have some good reason to get out there. It’s for these times that there’s One for Sunburns.

One is a specially formulated, all-natural, soothing tratment that helps eliminate the painful sting we feel with sunburns. And One doesn't just hide the sting, it actually promotes the speedy healing of the skin damaged by the burn. This in turn gets rid of the tenderness altogether and even moisturizes the effected area to limit peeling. One provides quick and soothing relief for sun exposed skin. One is a unique, non-greasy, fragrance free solution that is safe for all areas. One for Sunburns comes in an easy-to-apply spray bottle for touch-free application to any area of the body.

One for Sunburns provides natural relief and treatment of sunburns and sunburn sting. This natural and fragrance free solution provides fast relief from sunburns and the redness they leave behind. 

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Burn Relief Testimonial One

This great little guy is three years old, very busy, very happy and–wise beyond his years. We’ll tell you why! When Ryan was just twelve months old, his hand was badly burned on a hot iron. 

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Burn Relief Testimonial Two


George Hammond is a cancer survivor and a great friend of One. As the owner/operator of Mail Boxes Etc at 509 Commissioners Road W in London, he always goes out of his way to help us and always manages to make us smile in the process. 

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