ONE for Cuts and Burns- Testimonials and Success Stories

What Our "One" Customers Have Said:

"I am the father of One. I used One in spray for minor wounds and sun burns. If I didn't have One I will use New Skin or Aloe gel. I start using One (twice a day) on the day that skin problem occur and there was a difference next day and problem cleared in just two days. I like to use One because it is a natural product for wide range of skin conditions and it is safe for the whole family. In comparison with other products One heals faster."

D. Cieplicki, Father, Mississauga, Ontario

"I have tried One and it is great. My friend cut his finger and should have had stitches. We were about to board a plane for the sunny south so there wasn’t any time for emergency rooms. We sprayed the One on the cut, wrapped it with gauze, and continued to spray over the gauze for 3 days. We couldn’t believe how the cut had healed! We continued to spray One on the cut and within 10 days you hardly knew there had been such a serious cut on his finger. I will tell everyone about this great product!!"

M. Candler, St. Thomas, Ontario

"We have used One for Cuts and Burns for burns since we got the samples and it is great. I am a klutz in the kitchen and keep burning myself so this is important. You should know that a colleague of mine hurt himself playing ball and was in pain with road rash on his knees and arms. I loaned him my bottle… and he was amazed at how much it helped."

Jean, Lethbridge, Alberta

"On the island of Koh Samui, my girlfriend and I rented a motor bike. She was a little less than graceful in dismounting the bike, and branded her calf on the tail pipe. It blistered up to the point where it looked like she had half a tennis ball under her skin. It popped and then blistered up again. We treated it with One for Cuts and Burns and it healed up much faster than I suspect it would have otherwise."

Andrew, Calgary, Alberta

"Recently my 3-yr-old burned himself on the stove. It was a steam burn to his arm that had created puss & redness immediately. I was in shock, but remained calm & applied One  for Cuts and Burns Gel & Spray immediately to the wound. He stopped crying almost instantly as the pain was subsiding. I noticed that the impact of the ONE worked quickly, reducing the swelling & redness. Throughout the next few days I kept applying the ONE for Cuts and Burns Gel to the wound. The fourth day, the wound had disappeared completely, and no scar was visible. I have never seen a product work so quickly & efficiently. It truly is a unique product!"

Bess Sebastiano, Tecumseh, Ontario

"My first experiment with One for Cuts and Burns spray was on a deep blister in the area at the base on my thumb and index finger. I had tried covering with a Band-Aid but really to no avail. I used One frequently during one day at the office and probably into the next day. That seemed to get the healing started and within the next day or two the blister was gone. I suppose I had gone 2 or 3 days before trying One with no result at all.

[My wife] is prone to cold sores and in the past she would apply a bit of ointment which seemed to help over a 3-4 day period. Now, at the first signs she will use One and the cold sore really doesn't develop beyond a small blemish and not really too noticeable. One is effective."


"My mother-in-law resides in a nursing home and we have used One on what looked like a scrape along her arm. The skin looked a little raw and reddish but almost immediately healed with One. No ointments or bandage - just One and allowing her arm to be uncovered seemed to be the best solution. It's a great product - anyone can use it. How can anything this easy, work so well?"

Geoff Fry, Bayfield, Ontario


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This great little guy is three years old, very busy, very happy and–wise beyond his years. We’ll tell you why! When Ryan was just twelve months old, his hand was badly burned on a hot iron. 

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George Hammond is a cancer survivor and a great friend of ONE. As the owner/operator of Mail Boxes Etc at 509 Commissioners Road W in London, he always goes out of his way to help us and always manages to make us smile in the process. 

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