Little ONE for Baby Bums-  Relief from Diaper Rash Testimonials

What Our "One" Customers Have Said:

"I Love the product! I used the Little One for Baby Bums and I really like the convenience of the spray and the fact that it is unscented. My daughter's skin felt softer where it was applied. I also used it on my hand and it made my hand feel like silk. You should sell it as a hand spray as well!"

Kathy Rasmussens, President, Show Manager - National ShoBiz Inc and Mother 


"I have used the Little One for Baby Bums spray for both my daughters For my five year old, we use it for any cut or scrap that happens. She now asks for the "Fun Spray". For my 2 year old, I used it when she had a rash on her bottom. I only wish I had it when both my girls were babies. They love the spray so much that it is fun to get a boo boo fixed up. The rash and scraps disappear quickly and there are no tears! I love it and would recommend these products to all parents. This is definitely a must have for every first aid kit!”

Jennifer McCallum, owner of Parent Guide Inc., and mother of two


"My twins had red, flaming rashes from teething for several uncomfortable days and the zinc cream wasn't working well. I was given some Little One for Baby Bums spray and within several hours the soreness had gone and the redness reduced in size. You could notice that the girls were definitely no longer in pain.  The next day their bums were just a little pink...the rash was gone. I couldn't believe it!”

Kathy, Mother of one-year-old twins

"The girls both had some sort of yeast infection behind their ears and in the folds of their skin.  It was red and wet with flakes of skin...awful!  I tried Little One for Baby Bums spray on it the day before I was going to have the doctor check it out.  I saw quite a considerable improvement in just one day.” 

Sonja, Mother, London, Ontario

"My 8 month old boy, Benjamin, developed a rash all over his rear end.  It was very red and irritated, and had red blisters.  I used Little ONE  for Baby Bums gel at every diaper change, and I noticed a considerable improvement.  Within the week, the rash had completely cleared up.  One of the nicest qualities of the gel was that it seemed to be soothing to Benjamin, and offered instant relief.  I would be happy to use it again anytime he develops a rash, and I would highly recommend it for any diaper irritations.”

Donna, Mother, London, Ontario



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