Little ONE for Baby Bums- How to Use | Relief from Diaper Rash

Little One for Baby Bums

How To Use

Diaper Rash Relief | One BottleClean diaper area. Spray One after each diaper change or as needed. Spray can also be used to cleanse diaper area. Can be used for rashes, sores, redness, chafing and other skin conditions.

Moms can use it too!  Use Little One for Baby Bums Spray for
C-section wounds, episiotomies and nipple tenderness from feedings.  

  • Diaper Bag – Little One for Baby Bums fits easily in travel diaper bag (or beneath stroller). Provides relief for infants suffering from diaper rash and chaffing. Easy to apply after every diaper change at home or on the road! 
  • Gifts – Little One for Baby Bums makes a great gift for a baby shower.  

One for Baby Bums Baby Success StoryCautions:
For external use only. If any condition worsens or persists, discontinue use and consult your physician. Keep out of reach of children.




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